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Guess what guys….. Well guess..


Sorry, I couldn’t keep it in any longer.

Laptops, desk tops, Custom machines, etc!

All our computers have The Cheap Squad smell of Awesome on them. The smell test has three criteria.

1. Can we get anHONEST night sleep after it’s sold?
2. Is the price FAIR?
3. Best of all, can we rub AWESOME all over it?

If we get an AMEN to all three, it’s worthy of The Cheap Squad clientele!

Honest, Fair, Awesome;
every minute•
of every hour•
of everyday•

Keeping the love alive!

All our computers have a 30 day warranty.
You better believe if something happens there after we will do our cheapiest
(yeah, that’s not a word but it really feels like it should be, you know?) best to take care of you.

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MacBook Pro: $400

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